Students and Families: Get Ready for the Solar Eclipse!

Image: Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, the continental United States will experience a solar eclipse, which occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, totally or partially blocking the view of the Sun. An eclipse's area of totality means that people viewing the eclipse in that geographic location will be able to experience the entire eclipse, while people outside that area can view a partial eclipse. The path of the total eclipse includes the southern portion of Morrow County, but even viewing the partial eclipse is an exciting scientific event for students and families to experience.

You need a way to safely view the eclipse! People should never look directly at the sun without proper eye protection, as this can result in serious eye injury. Eclipse glasses that are ISO 12312-2 compliant are needed to safely view the eclipse. They can be purchased at some stores or online.

The SAGE Center in Boardman is LIVE streaming the Total Solar Eclipse. In Heppner, there will be transportation available to Morrow-Grant OHV Park.

Information from NASA about the 2017 Eclipse is available on these PDFs:  English Spanish

Here are some helpful links to eclipse-related websites:


Sage Center:

Morrow County/Heppner Transportation:

Oregon Trail Libraries:



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