Staff Directory

To reach a staff member via telephone, dial the school number (541-922-5551), and enter the indicated extension when prompted).

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Ryan Keefauver Principal x2311
Rose Palmer Vice Principal x2312
Misty Hofbauer Head Secretary x2310
Mike Royer Counselor/Athletic Director x2335
Linda Pedro Registrar/Athletic Secretary x2314
Val Hopkins Attendance Secretary x2313


Murphy, Alexzandra Science x2326
Byers, Aaron Language Arts x2336
Cerrillo, Osten Science x2322
Dunten, Jason Conditioning/Health x2338
Eakin, Sarah Social Studies x2329
Gadsden, Leah Art x2339
Hunter, Kaylee Special Ed x2328
Greer, Lenn Ag Science x2348
Johnson, Andrew History x2321
Johnson, CJ Math x2334
McCreary, Tim Science x2344
Meyers, Erin History/Gov x2340
Robledo, Stacee Language Arts x2325
Morgan, Shannon Life Skills x2341
Navarrete, Ivan ELL x2337
Rogers, Jay Math x2332
Julia Rogers Spanish x2323
Gonzalez, Marisa PE x2318
Izzett, George Band, Choir x2319
Estrella, Christine Math x2327
Wooldridge, Hailey Language Arts x2342

Support Staff




Chairez, Andrea Ed Assistant x2331
Locey, Tiffany Ed Assistant x2338
Luna, Michelle Ed Assistant x2337
Lunders, Karen Librarian x2320
Matlack, Jennifer Educational Assistant x2331
Salisbury, Shelly Ed Assistant x2368
Hagen, Michelle Ed Assistant x2331
Solis, Eric Ed Assistant x2331
Prouty, Kalinn Ed Assistant x2331

Kitchen Staff




Osborne, Michelle Head Cook x2315
Roberts, Cindy Assistant Cook x2315





Blessing, MaryEllen Custodian x2316
Klinger, Gary Head Custodian x2316
Schultz, Chad Facility Coordinator x2316
Hausinger, Virgil Custodian x2316