Yearbook UPDATE

Knights –

Thank you so much to everyone who has submitted yearbook photos on the themes of “pets” and “hobbies” so far. If anyone still has some that fit those themes, we would love to see them! Thanks again for all your help, and keep those photos coming!

The new themes for submitting photos from October 12th to November 1st are:

  1. Fall/Halloween Activities (This might include, but not be limited to: raking leaves, jumping in piles of leaves, having a bonfire, making Halloween costumes, wearing your costume, going to hayrides, corn mazes or haunted houses, making or putting up decorations, making treats, passing out candy, eating Halloween candy, picking out pumpkins, carving pumpkins, posing with finished jack o’ lanterns, picking apples, etc.)
  2. At Your Job/Knights at Work (You can define “job” however you want – photos of you doing chores or helping a neighbor count too; it doesn’t have to be an “official job.” It is best if you can get a photo of yourself in action, but if that isn’t possible at your particular job, a posed shot would be gratefully accepted as well.)

The Guidelines: 

  • Yes, you can submit another photo, even if you have submitted one for an earlier theme. We are very grateful for all submissions!
  • You, or another IJSHS student, must be in the photo. (So in other words, no photos of just your jack o’ lantern, amazing as it is!)
  • Action shots are ideal, but posed shots are good too -- or you can submit both!
  • Photos should be in .jpg/.jpeg format preferably, but .png is also okay.
  • Please send the photo from your school email account, as an attachment, to Miss Meyers at Choose the largest available file size so that we can make sure it will print clearly!